New Zealand Association of Maths Teachers. Where NZAMT members get access to all NCEA assessments from NZAMT

Auckland Mathematical Association

Auckland Mathematical Association: The website for Auckland Maths Teachers. They also have information about events such as Statistics Days, Mathematics and Calculus Days and resources from these days.

Canterbury Mathematical Association

The website for Canterbury Maths Teachers. They also have information about MathsChatNZ, a fortnightly twitter chat for maths educators.

Otago Mathematics Association

The website for Otago Maths Teachers. They also have links to
some games.

Social media pages

Northland Maths (facebook)

Make sure you follow us on Facebook. This page will contain events and updates relevant to Northland Maths and Stats teachers. It is also a forum to share and gather ideas, support each other and reflect on your teaching practice in order to enhance the teaching of Maths & Stats in Northland.

Stats Teachers NZ (facebook)

Really great resources and discussions for NZ stats teachers.

Calculus Teachers NZ (facebook)

Really great resources and discussions for NZ calculus teachers.

NZ Maths teachers (facebook)

Really great resources and discussions for NZ secondary maths teachers to enhance the teaching of maths and stats.

Mathschat NZ (twitter)

A fortnightly Twitter chat for maths educators, Thursdays 8:30pm-9:30pm (NZ time). It’s also great for sharing ideas and resources.



Online too to explore graphs, equations, transformations and much more.


Online tool for graphing, geometry, 3D and more.


A fun, online, game-based platform where you can play or create multi-choice quizzes to play with your class and they answer on their own device. They compete against each other for the most correct answers and quickest times.


Where you can create online quizzes or questions for your students to answer on their own device.

Paid Resources


Downloadable maths resources such as worksheets, but you do have to pay for them.

Maths 300

Maths lessons and resources from Australia and beyond. Some free sample lessons, but you need to subscribe and pay to access the majority of the resources.

Teachers pay teachers

Resources made by other teachers which you need to pay for.


NMA EnRICHing Maths Teaching

This wonderful site has been created by Northland Maths Association teachers to curate a range of information and resources to support teachers in delivering maths using rich tasks. Acknowledgements to Denise Barrington for bringing it all together.

NCEA website

This website is the new home for NCEA. Information about the new standards including Numeracy can be found here.

Standard summaries for NCEA internal standards (2020)

These documents bring together information about the standard, clarifications, curriculum links and Conditions of assessment all on one page.

NZQA Moderation questions

For questions around moderation, please contact Neil Marshall or 0272693255. It is his role to improve communication and build relationships with the sector.

NZ Maths

A huge bank of information and resources including curriculum elaborations, units of work, problem solving activities, rich learning activities, Numeracy Project resources, links to TKI and other useful websites.

NZ Curriculum, senior secondary

An online guide to the NZ Curriculum including Achievement
Objectives and Key competencies.

NZQA Maths page

Resources for externally assessed standards for NCEA Level 1,2 and 3 including past exam papers. Also has links to TKI for information on the internal standards including exemplars.


Resources for internally assessed standards for NCEA Level 1,2 and 3 including exemplars.

Clarifications of Standards

Clarifications of all of the internally assessed standards.

Learning Progression Frameworks

The learning progression frameworks illustrate the significant steps that learners take as they develop their expertise in mathematics from years 1 to 10. Can be used to identify students’ mathematics knowledge, skills, and attitudes or to plan programmes of learning.


A collection of enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) designed for students of ages 5-19 to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills.


A wealth of resources including open-ended, low-floor, high-ceiling problems to engage students with Mathematics.

Open Middle

A range of problems which require a higher depth of thinking, have multiple ways to approach and solve and encourage students to discuss their thinking.

Make Math Moments

A really useful site with problem-based lessons and resources to help spark students’ curiosity and fuel sense making. 

Mr Barton Maths – rich tasks

This website has a collection of rich tasks.

Census At School

A nationwide online survey for Year 5 – 13 students that provides real, relevant data and classroom activities to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculum. Also includes useful resources for teaching statistics as well as resources from Statistics Days.

ARBs, Assessment Resource Banks

A range of downloadable assessment items for levels 1-5 of the New Zealand Curriculum, organised by strand and level, which are designed to validly assess against the curriculum.


An online learning environment for students with NCEA maths. Students can find what they need to know for each of the achievement standards including revision notes, practice questions, and links.

Learn coach

Video tutorials for all external standards.

Infinityplusone youtube channel

This informative and useful youtube channel created by Subash Chandar K offers tutorial videos for Levels 1-3 NCEA.

Maths Reach

A resource for teachers, students and careers advisers which offers insights into mathematicians doing real life mathematics. Contains lots of videos around everyday maths.

Jake Wills

Really good, free resources to support NZ maths teachers. Contains links to NZ Grapher, data sets, a teacher site with booklets and resources to use in class as well as a student site with a place for students to get free online lessons and related questions.

Also linked from this site is Base Maths Concepts, created by Jake and his wife Olivia Walker-Wills which give really good summaries to support the Learning Progression Framework.

Liz Sneddon Statistics resources

Amazing videos and resources for NCEA Level 1, 2, 3 and scholarship Statistics standards.

Snedmaths – by Jamie Sneddon

Amazing resources for some NCEA Level 1, 2, and 3 standards. More resources are being added all the time.

Shared resource website

A resource sharing site for NZ maths teachers made by some of our very own facilitators

Khan Academy

A resource for students offering video tutorials.

Man vs Maths

Resources and practice pages for students and teachers created by Mr Plant from St John’s College, Hamilton.

Maths Games

Maths games that are directly linked to the NZ curriculum. There are some good visual, but not timed, games.

Maths Charts

Posters and charts that can be downloaded and printed for reference or display.

Maths is fun

A site for students with maths explained in simple language with some games, puzzles and worksheets.