The cake challenge – measurement and geometry task.

Students need to design a cake to meet certain measurement criteria and involves finding volumes of prisms.

This activity is targeted at Curriculum Level 5.

Activity shared by Sue Sims.




This Abstract Art activity was shared by David Kelly.

Students are asked to create art work from a range of 2D shapes that satisfy certain criteria, such as having a certain area or perimeter.

This geometric activity is targeted at Curriculum level 4 and 5.

A collaborative work by Helen Teal, Tanya Gwillam and Nicola Mann (from Whangarei Girls’ High School) using the NZ Curriculum Documents and the curriculum elaborations from NZ Maths.


We used this to help with our teaching and assessment of the topic.

Put together by Helen Teal, made using resources from Sandra Cathcart

Note: There is a word file that goes with this “Robots – changing area, changing perimeter”